Your health and safety is our first priority. Although our 7000 ft² large and 10-meter high space helps us keep dancing at very low risk, the following policies will be implemented:


Entering the studio | 进入舞社

  1. Please book your visit in advance. We are not accepting walk-in customers.请提前预约。我们暂不接受无预约的顾客。
  2. All visitors entering the studio must be wearing a mask at all times.所有人进入舞社需全程佩戴口罩。
  3. Thermometer reading and hands sanitizing of all visitors will be conducted at the entrance.在入口处需测量体温,然后用免洗洗手液消毒。

In the studio | 舞社之内

  1. All visitors must remain 2 metres apart at all time.所有人员需保持2米社交距离。
  2. Hand sanitizers are provided at the entrance and at the front desk. Medicated hand soap with disinfectant and antibacterial formula is provided in the washrooms.在入口和前台均有消毒免洗洗手液。在洗手间我们还提供杀菌消毒配方的医用洗手液。
  3. All doors will be propped open for fresh air circulation as appropriate.及时开门通风。

Cleaning | 清洁

  1. At least one staff will always be present during business hours and will be disinfecting the studio throughout the day.舞社内将配备至少一名工作人员进行全天候清洁、消毒。
  2. We will use isopropyl alcohol and Lysol disinfecting wipes to disinfect surfaces that people touch often, such as doorknobs, light switches, speakers, tables, chairs, after every use.我们会用酒精和消毒湿巾来清洁经常有人触摸的物体表面,如门把手、电灯开关、音箱、桌椅。每用一次将清洁一次。
  3. We will use Dettol antiseptic to disinfect floors, washrooms and garbage bins before and after each day.每日营业开始前和结束后,我们会用滴露消毒液来清洁地面、洗手间和垃圾桶。

Staff training | 员工培训

  1. Ongoing training and information updates will be provided to all staff to address our Covid-19 Safety Plan.我们会对所有工作人员进行持续的培训,以确保「安心跳舞」计划的执行。