Lucky or Wealthy Vol. 1 | 第一届《福禄》街舞大赛

Lucky or Wealthy Vol. 1 | 第一届《福禄》街舞大赛

From Beijing to Vancouver, DE Dance Club keeps promoting street dance culture. At the same time, we also want the world to learn more about China and Chinese culture. Thus, we created the street dance competition brand "Lucky or Wealthy" in Vancouver.

"Lucky" and "Wealthy" symbolize the "Fu" and "Lu" in Chinese culture and also represent our good wishes to the dancers.

This competition was hold on October 29th, 2017. The format was a one-on-one All Styles Battle. The champion won the title of "Wealthy" and a bonus of $88; the second place won the title of "Lucky" and a bonus of $66. 8 and 6 are lucky numbers in Chinese culture, symbolizing wealthy and lucky.

Judges: Mike Browne (Pop'n Geek)、Sevrin Emnacen

DJ: Eli. Niah

MC: Marina Haga、Simba

Finally, the first place was Wreckage aka Monstr7starr, the second place was Thomas.

从北京到温哥华,DE舞社一直在推广街舞文化。同时,我们也想让世界更多地了解中国和中华文化。为此,我们在温哥华首创《Lucky or Wealthy》街舞大赛。


本次比赛于2017年10月29日举办,为一对一All Styles Battle,冠军获得“Wealthy”头衔与$88加币奖金;亚军获得“Lucky”头衔与$66加币奖金。8与6是中华文化中的幸运数字,象征禄与福。

裁判:Mike Browne (Pop'n Geek)、Sevrin Emnacen

DJ:Eli. Niah

MC:Marina Haga、Simba

最终,获得冠军的选手为Wreckage aka Monstr7starr,获得亚军的选手为Thomas。